This photographic series describes the social and geographical condition of suburban areas through the fiction of "social anticipation".
The bell tower, the most visible object of the countryside, reminds us that the history of our villages and their urban organization are closely linked to religious culture.
On the contrary, no similar symbolic construction seems to be found in the new urban landscapes developed in non-metropolitan areas. These urban cores are created in a scattered way and on rural grounds, family housings tend to form villages with no physical center. The suburban houses are built far away from cities and aren’t linked to their surroundings in any way.
As a consequence to the isolation of these towns and in a hypothetical intent to overcome a feeling of abandonment, we imagine that in a near future, their inhabitants could develop a strong community culture, as a structured answer to this feeling of banishment.
An example could be one of these towers crowned by a bell, functional and symbolic, turned inside-out, with functions of protectiveness and as a totem which marks its territory.
The series Villages plays with the mirror effect, the towns create a landscape that ideally is linked to its pictorial tradition and particularly to its representation of the XIX century, which has contributed to the construction of the national identity of many countries :
Ideological landscapes.

These images were produced in a circle of 50 km around Paris and Brussels.